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[EU] Charr lf Casual guild


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I'm a returning player who's looking for a casual guild, I'm somewhat between a beginner and a veteran. I enjoy doing META events, fishing, fractals and strikes. I do fractals (T4) and strikes on a daily basis, I've never touched a CM, but I'm willing to give it a try one day!

Raiding in gw2 is new to me, I've raided in other MMOs (in Final Fantasy 14 I've done Savage and Ultimates). I would love to give it a try aswell, but it's still kinda hard to get in somewhere in the partyfinder. Anyways, it's nothing I'm in hurry with, as I said, I do enjoy all the casual content right now.


I'm a Mesmer, and it's basically my only Character I'm playing cause of time issues. I might try out other classes aswell, but I do enjoy playing as a Mirage right now. Oh and I'm playing a Charr and I think I would never play something else. I do like the idea of a Charr-only guild, just imagine a whole squad of Charrs raiding together! But definitly not a must have.


I'll be playing in the evening times, on weekend earlier ofc.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask me!
You can also contact me on discord Naju#2521

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