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Account blocked for security purposes. Submitted a support ticket, but I can't view the ticket link because of the account being blocked.

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Don't know if this will work, but I'm still logged in here via browser cookie so I figured I'd at least try to post this as some sort of acknowledgment that I actually sent in a ticket about this. I don't know if the link I was given is required to be clicked to activate the ticket, since I can't sign in on the guildwars2.com website when prompted.

Account info and display name is the same as what I'm using here to post.


Edit: Well at least I'm not locked out of the forum too.

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Support does not usually look at this forum for support tickets. So the best thing you can do is contact Support directly.



Please read these tips on troubleshooting login problems. If you still can't log in see the information at the bottom on how to contact Support via e-mail. Be sure you provide all the relevant details and have a working e-mail address. Preferably the e-mail that is registered to your account.


After this keep an eye on your e-mail box. (Also the spam box)


Sometimes users have gotten their accounts blocked after using VPN services or other services that change their IP address. But there can be other reasons as well. Only Support can tell what is affecting your situation.

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