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Speaking about ascended armour / weapons

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We are living in a time where many people have some kind of legendary armour or weapon. There are plenty of ways to get these which is great. It offers the community a way to invest time in there preferred game mode to get a shiny armour set. Even some weapons can be crafted into legendaries since many years.

But what about the ascended armour? The weapons? The equipment pieces some people (maybe a minority?) don't need any more. Sure we can salvage them for...  magnetite shards ... or vision crystals, lesser vision crystals, stabilizing Matrixes, Ball of Dark Energy, +1 Infusions (I don't mention getting back runes, sigils or infusions because in my view this is a feature of the salvaging kit itself).
But to be honest most people I know who salvage them, don't need these items either.

It then came to my mind that why isn't there a chance to get something useful out of them? We all know, the true endgame is fashion wars, and personally I would love the idea to have a x% chance to get a transmutation charge back when salvaging these. Sure PVP or WVW mains and regular enjoyers are drowning in transmutation charges eventually.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but personally i think the salvaging value of these ascended items is very low.

For further explanation:
If we would craft the Thackeray's Gloves [&AgGMOQEA] as an example
They sell at the vendor for 2s40c.
But to craft them we spent like 26g (gw2 efficiency) to 31g (gw2 wiki). And salvaging them (according to wiki) would yield us around:
1 ball of dark energy
1 stabilizing matrix
0 +1 Infusions
0.75 lesser vision crystal
0.24 vision crystal

Which obviously seems more then 2s40c but less then 13g (or even 26g).

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