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Blacktide [EU] | Semi-Hardcore | World vs. World | Little Red Raiding [HOOD] is looking for new members!

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[HOOD] is an oldschool WvW-only Guild and plays with one of the oldest original cores.
We are inclusive, no matter who you are or what you identify with, you will get spanked when not performing on your best possible!
Our focus lays on consistently wiping the floor with massive blobs, therefore performing is important! Though RL always goes first - which is of no debate.
The official language is English, however we do have a lot of Dutch, South African and German people in our ranks.


FightstylesZergbust, Havoc, Roam

Average Guild-Raid size: 20-25


What we expect:

  1. Be on voice during guild-raids! (Listening is fine - being vocal can be helpful.)
  2. Be on the guild-builds! (Except you are filling a gank or scout role, there you may run an own - functioning - build.)
  3. Be able to take some banter and shouting. (E.g. mid-fight shouting when performing poorly.)
  4. Always look for improvement! (Ask questions! The commander calls out a bare minimum of skills. Melee and Range-DPS work independantly and every member learns in their own ways - e.g. duels before or after guild-raids!)
  5. Priority number 1 as recruit - regardless of experience - is working towards staying on tag! (We do run old-school which can differ from mainstream WvW movement..)


What we offer:

5 official guild-raids per week (around 19:30 CEST).

A big community to hang out with in discord/roaming/open tags.

Lots of veterans to learn from!

Old-school outnumbered fighting.


Like what you see?

Join our discord right away and say hello!

If you need more information, ask an officer on our discord.


See you soon on the battlefield!


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