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generally speaking, is Mace a good weapon? And what weapon best go with it?


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It is somewhat difficult to go really "wrong" with whatever you do on Mechanist, unless using really mismatched traits and gear stats. Or if you go underwater; the spec is, um, "unfinished" there.

I like the mace, with offhand pistol, in condition or hybrid builds; and with offhand shield in support builds. In addition, I personally find mace on Mechanist to be the most enjoyable of all the specs that can use main hand mace.

Of course, this is for condi, hybrid, and support builds; power is all about the rifle now.

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Engi doesn't have weapon swap, so it's just whatever offhand you want, we have 2 choices. 


Pistol is mainly condi damage focused with Blowtorch, and then it has an Immobilize on the 5 skill.  However, it's also good on Power because our only other option is Shield which is not a damage weapon.  On Mech you're looking at about an extra 1k DPS by using Blowtorch off cooldown and unlike Holo there aren't any other skills available to replace it with really.


Shield is a defensive/utility weapon with solid CC from both skills.  Shield 5 is a block with a stun if something attacks you (this can be very very powerful but it's very very rare) and even more CC on the flip skill where you throw it.  Shield 4 is a projectile reflect that has a Blast/Knockback on the flip skill, this is very useful on say VG for pushing the red Seekers back, or it can just be used for the blast/CC. 


I use both on Mace Mech builds, condi is almost always Pistol, but Alac DPS mech can go Rifle, Mace/Pistol, or Mace Shield (~25k, 24k, 23k DPS benches respectively).  Heal Mech is almost always shield and basically never pistol, Rifle has some niche uses. And Power Mech is certainly better with Rifle, but it's not bad at all with Mace either.  I do think mace is going to be getting a lot less use from me with the barrier nerf coming, I'm just not sure it'll be worth using on Alac DPS Mech, and the DPS options are already better most of the time with the other weapons.

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It's a very powerful weapon, being the best main-hand weapon mechanist can use for both power and support-builds while roughly being on par with pistol for condition builds.

What you pair it with entirely depends on how you want to play your mechanist but shield is always a good option.

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15 hours ago, Ausar.9542 said:

I am trying to learn to play the new spec. Seems interesting to play. But I want to use its new weapon, the mace. But what do I pair with it? Do you all generally consider it to be a good weapon?

Especially when you want to learn a new spec, some extra defenses can never hurt. I would go for shield in that case. You gain access to a very long block on skill 5 another projectile only block on skill 4, a knockback/blastfinisher and a 900 range multi-target CC. It helps you staying alive. Note: If you pick inventions 1-2-1, you can get the most utility out of the shield. Shorter cooldowns and condition-cleanse upon using those skills - for your group.

Once you are familiar with the basic controls and mechanics, you can switch to pistol and give that one a try. I suggest learning both, even if you enjoy the shield. Pistol can, as stated above, be quite handy for DPS improvements and condition builds in general. It is useful to know the few weapons we can use. It also helps finding your own style and finding the right build.

And pistol on mainhand? Give it a try as well. It has its limitations for sure, but it served us well for condition-builds pre-EoD. The more you know, the better. Just keep in mind that it should be used with condition or at least celestial stats, as its power capabilities are not so great. 

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