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Condi Deadeye Rifle for WvW Roaming


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On 8/19/2022 at 3:17 PM, TheLadyOfTheRings.9148 said:

Do you have a condi Deadeye rifle build that you like to take to WvW for roaming? Or is such a build not viable anymore?



Its not super viable (better off going condi Daredevil or even core) however theres one that I use every once in a while (pending what I am up against) Since stealth nerf ive been tweaking it again. Not quite what it used to be tho.

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Years ago after i uploaded the toxic as hell Ghillie snipe build i made a co di rifle build using kitten and potent poison with vipers gear and thorns runes. Spam #2 when kneeled and they perma immobilize which procs poison per immob as well as benefitting from kitten traits. Its definitely fun, especially when running with a tag to immob spam drivers. Take the deadeye knockdown skill too (cantrip) even funnier

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