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The Infamous Soo Slayers [Soo] , recruiting (EU)(PvE)


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Our friendly community guild [Soo] based in EU  is looking for friendly casual and veteran players. We have all tastes for new players and veteran ones.  We have a daily and weekly schedule for runs including ( daily Soo-won 10000% win rate / Weekly full run strikkes , daily strike , fractals, dragonstorm, meta , guild missions and much more!  We ask you to represent our guild during runs/events at least and to be active on discord during. We have our role assign system on discord to help form runs so you can check it out at  https://discord.gg/pWSn5HUPJk  ,

 If you are interested :  you can msg our champion officers  (Nkkstar.5807) ,  Tsunant.5841 ,  yojimbo.6821    or me       sammokdadd.3602   or you can leave a msg on discord .


Looking forward to catch you slayers!!

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