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Someone can make a tutorial of, HOW TO GET THE ANIVERSARI GIFT????!!!!!

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Im serius man, i don't now how to get this things from the gem store, on top of that is onli for one day man!! I lose to items naw, are you serius arenanet, wy you don't give every person the items wen they log in?!!!!!???? 


Patrick: Hello jack, i got a gift for you !!!! 

Jack: ooo thanks bro

2 days after

Jack : hello, i come to take mi gift

Patrick : oooo im sorry man, the gift was only available for one day, sorry

Jack : are you serius?

Patrick: yes of corse


Jack and patrick are not frends ENIMORE

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Am i right that the complaint is you didn't log in to collect the log in reward but you feel entitled to it any way?


Totally understand always wanted one of those cool super bowl rings, never played gridiron but hey all those other guys got one where's mine.


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Look man, is  game aniversary, so you make gifts for just one day? Is not a god idea to tell new players how to, people ho have never enter or buy nothing from de gemstore? 

If its free why i need to go to the gemstore? 

If you realy want to give everione those items, is not beter to givethem the items wen they log in? 

Not make ANY SENS


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On 8/20/2022 at 8:23 PM, Lysico.4906 said:

You are kidding right?

So you think is god the way the make this givewais?  Just one day, not in the log in? 

Its a free item and makes sens to you to go to the gemstore for a free item? 

Sorry if the question is stupid for you, but as a new player i never buy nothing in the gemstore, i get in, i see the item and i start hiting everiwere to get mi free item, not work, and i lost bicose the next day it was not there anymore. 

They give every time you log in a reward, and with this especial event of the year is in the gemstore and if you miss the oportunity you lose the aniversary? 

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If you're quick you can still get one via twitch drops as alternative.

You will need to start quickly as it takes time to claim all the rewards. It is super easy. Just watch GW2 streams on twitch and click claim when it is available. You get some other rewards as well. But it takes a series of drops with up to 2 hours time in between. But you can just go afk and leave the stream on. For details see the post below:



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