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Fun battleground gametype impossible in GW2?


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I love battleground-type games and I've got a lot of time in GW2, and thus I've always wanted to love WvW but I never could.  


But why? The fun of a battleground is in the co-operation, the map tactics and fight tactics.  


Map tactics.

Usually, map control is about establishing a foothold. To use the mountains and rivers as defence and build walls in chokepoints or exposed areas. However, in GW2 you capture a single place which then becomes 'invulnerable' for some time. This encourages people to avoid fights, even to try and take things alone! This however can all be addressed but would require a new map with a new control/point system. 


The fight, the formation.

In a medieval open field battle, one would line up in a formation. If the formation was broken and couldn't be patched by reserves, the fight was lost.  

There's a lot of fun in trying to keep a formation and to try and peel your enemies open.  However such a thing can't ever be a thing in GW2 for a couple of reasons.  

1. Players are ghosts! No physical presence of characters. You can walk straight through people and shoot and slash through your own friends!

2. Buffs are applied in a radius.

These two things encourage one thing, and that is to blob up as if you were one person with a thousand arms.  

The first can be helped, but the second is an inherent part of this game. Thus group stability will always depend on stacking into a blob rather than a neat formation. i


The fight, skills.

Then there's the MASSIVE amount of skills at the hands of players. Not only does this cause the infamous 'skill lag' but in combination with the ghostblob, causes a shitstorm of effects to the point almost none are discernable. 

Once again, part of this can be helped by introducing some form of friendly fire. But the skill bar is inherent to this game.  


So, I wonder, is WvW ultimately a dead end? 

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It feels like you have not played WvW enough to form an accurate opinion yet. That goes for many threads created on these forums recently.

For those of us that have played WvW for the past 10 years (despite it seeing next-to no development what so ever), the things you speak of as not existing, is what has kept us playing as they do exist.

The good WvW maps use the objectives to both exert a degree of control over the area that they are associated with while they in many cases also allow you to exert pressure on the areas adjecent to them in different ways. That is what makes the good maps good. There are a smattering of opportunities, even though few relately new players have figured them out.

The same goes for things like radial applications. Most things spread up to 5 players. They have different mechanics, using either party first and proximity second, or proximity first etc. That encourages you to operate as a unit within a party and once you figure that out you unlock much of the opportunities that exist within the combat system. Also, players do not have collision models as things manifested through skills have collision models (lines, wards etc.).

Having players also have collision models would require building more of other types of mobility into the game to counter-balance it or it  would just create a more stand-still gameplay that this game and its combat system was not designed for (but for some reason, seems to be the talk of town among the nublets on this forum lately; though the more we see of that the more it simply seems to be one of them selfish things where they want more CC - but not the kind of CC that would affect themselves: Like more melee CC while playing ranged-only builds or stability nerfs while playing ranged-only builds with enough personal breaks and teleportations to never really be affected by most of the CC that already exists).

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52 minutes ago, SleepyBat.9034 said:

And I am so glad they are, I can't even imagine how irritating it would be to constantly be blocked by teammates.

Actually worked well in warhammer, you can have actual frontline of dedicated tanks backed up with dedicated healers. But gw2 wasn't designed for that in the first place, way too much aoes and the class trinity wasn't in place But yeah chokes were real hell holes, but still fun....

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