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Can we have Capture the flag mode sPvP

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This is really a thing I have been missing here since I have quited WoW and came to gw2.


The feeling when you capture the flag and all teammates are trying to protect you is awesome.


I know that there hasn't been any new map and mode for years, why should now..


Steam is here! I believe this is the perfect timing to make something new to the sPvP here.


Ofc. you should do restrictions about that game mode, like for example:

- you drop the flag when you use - teleport, invisibility.

- when you have the flag you can't move faster than 100% speed.


What you guys think of that?







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Anything would be better than defending/capturing bases in ALL sPvP maps. I have no idea why maps are all about 5 vs 5, capture the base and defend it. Why there's no 10 vs 10 and/or 15 vs 15 players? Why no capture the flag mode?

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The thing is, GW2 doesn’t really lend itself very well to other PvP game modes. They tried to figure out some way to make capture the flag work, which ultimately meant leaning into bundle mechanics. But you know, you just get gaped if you try run spirit orb. 

Maybe if Spirit Orb carrier was invul to normal players, and you had to pick up a “counter bundle” to knock them out of it, it could work a bit better. But it’d still be janky.

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