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Returning Player's Feedback

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I stopped playing GW2 6 or 7 years ago due to working fulltime and being a fulltime student.  Recently amazon's mmo introduced instruments and this made me remember gw2.  


More specifically the fun I had with GW2's flute. I'm a bit of a creative type, but not professionally so messing with music and art whenever I can is great fun for me and the GW2 instruments were implemented so well they kinda give a small dose of how it feels to be creative imo .  


I wasn't an instrument all-star, but I knew a handful of fun songs that I did get pretty proficient at. I wouldn't play in hubs often/if at all, but I would play semi-frequently when I could get online back then, and extracted a lot of fun/joy from it.  --Sometimes late night I would play waiting for world bosses and stuff and I got quite a few compliments when I did. I could play a very pretty version of somewhere over the rainbow 😜 . I would sometimes cheekily call it my "war flute" and play when johnny comes marching home before bosses spawned, or goof and do a quick few bars of jurrasic park when the dragon  we were waiting on spawned.  --I never rammed it down peoples throats and wouldn't beat it to death.


Anyway, this planted the GW2 seed and I started thinking about GW2 again.


I then re-downloaded a few weeks ago. I have been having a blast since coming back. Years ago I was on a budget PC at the time and now my rig is nasty. The Game looks fantastic and runs great. I have a ton of content to check out and everyone looks so great (gj yall!). I bought all the expansions (and season 3 so far), some gems, and got some shared inventory slots and  extra bank space. --Been having a great time and felt happy to comeback and support the game.

So as of now I've gotten my GW2 legs back a bit. My focus has been learning my abilities, class(es), and elite specializations. Finishing up some ascended weapons/pieces I was working on before leaving, and reviewing/continuing the story . I have looked at my flute lovingly in my bag, but my time playing has been spent with combat and the old and new game systems.   


Today I swung by my very empty home instance to gather from the one node I have, and it's the weekend so I figured what the heck, no one can hear me knock the rust off here. I'll finally dust off the old War Flute! (sure my time could be better spent, but I truly enjoyed it and have been looking forward to messing with it again).

And to my complete and utter dismay I cant even play the same note back to back anymore =[   


I searched for info/posts, and I found some here and on reddit from a few years ago and I read other people were upset with this "change" as well, and their was some talk of it being changed back or adjusted, but then all the threads just die.  One thread read like they changed it back or something, but my experience with attempting to play the same note back to back informs it wasn't exactly changed "back" .

Presently The wiki states:  Use Stop Playing to end the current note.


But this^ is really... well BAD. Especially compared to my past experience with the instrument. And I fear it is "working as intended" . "Stop Playing" is to stop playing the instrument and was not developed for nor intended for this purpose. At the risk of being too frank If the Devs feel stop playing is "the answer" then they are fooling themselves and being lazy.   Do you know what would also "end the current note"? Stop running  Gw2-64.exe.    I honestly don't even understand the change and how it could be deemed ok. I get chords on a lute are rough and advanced stuff is challenging and junk, but its just back to back notes on a woodwind (that used to be implemented fine!). 


I know this is post is too long and I know a number of people dgaf about instruments. BUT I hope the powers that be will hear this feedback.


There are a lot of game/entertainment options out there BUT your flute instrument, as it once was when I played years ago, was very much the catalyst for me coming back (as goofy as that sounds). Also I am fortunately gainfully employed and I have spent a decent amount of cash since my return. I think already more than i ever did years ago playing in truth.  


I wont go as far to say I regret supporting the game now or returning of course, but tbh I am very unhappy about this and it stinks that my GW2 experience returning has legit been "All good" up until now.  I fear I kinda already know the answer, but I hope something can be done or a change can be made to correct what I view as a nonsensical change. I'm sorry but if working as intended it was a terrible call and if not working as intended it should have been fixed already.

I will tell you one thing. the way to get me to stop playing any game is when I feel compelled to go "Play Forums" instead of play the game.


Sorry so long. Not super butt hurt although im sure that sounds a lot like it. 😜 TY to the devs and all the players that kept the game going when I was away, annnnd big thanks for all the in game help yall have been giving me as I get caught up. 

Cheers =]


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Its why you don't see the instruments used often they're just not fun to play. I've used many different interfaces to play notes in music... This one is near impossible to do much with. The bass is especially horrid trying to get a tune out of it, which sucks cause it looks decent.

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5 hours ago, Voyant.1327 said:

Its why you don't see the instruments used often they're just not fun to play. I've used many different interfaces to play notes in music... This one is near impossible to do much with. The bass is especially horrid trying to get a tune out of it, which sucks cause it looks decent.



Here the songs for gw2 instruments http://gw2mb.com/archive.php 


I playing them sometimes, obviously running scripts to do that, bass have some good creations but overall its auxiliary IRL, u need good skills to actually pull out good tunes soloing IRL, not sure why it should be different in game.. 


I think they should put bit more focus on such toys as music instruments, it might look silly for some, but such things is cool little things that keep banter rolling, waits in between events more entertaining and gets many vet players hooked. 

After all, the crux of great things is always in small details like that right? 



```The Game looks fantastic and runs great```


RTX 3090ti and 4K monitor makes it hard to believe this is 10 year's old game, yet im well aware most cant really see this, game have poor optimization and attempt to play on ultra settings for avg PC will end up in melted motherboards. 




```I will tell you one thing. the way to get me to stop playing any game is when I feel compelled to go "Play Forums" instead of play the game.```


I feel the same, lemme expand a bit to match your wall of text.

Me and my partner are neet's , i play bit less, but its still at least sigma 3 if we check averages of active player game time, i seen literally no reason to come to forums, i just played game.

That was till they started messing with things that keeps me playing, that makes gw2 stand out from cesspool of MMORPG that is pretty much homogeneous to the point there is hardly difference which one u playing, as they all are same kitten in different hand. 


I figured it might be social pressure from vocal minority aka forum molds that spends 10x more time in forum posting than gaming, after reading the forums i made an assumption that 90% of posters either dont play a game at all, or are handicapped in some way, me posting here is just reflexivity from fading interest in endgame, call it an attempt to preserve my routine and gaming lol, will make 0 difference but thats the psychological driver behind this account. 



TLDR Im just bumping your thread here, this post holds no value, and isnt participating in constructive discussion, it just an rant just as yours. I hope they put some attention into your instruments anon. 

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