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Question after some classes got hit pretty hard on power dps nerfs on elites where exactly does mesmer as a whole with power stand?


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I heard reaper was hit really hard i heard at least that power mechanist can do support and around 34-35k DPS or something i heard bladesworn can do dps comfortably i heard daredevil was hit with nerf and isn't in a great position in power i heard soulbeast is good.



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If we are talking about power mesmers, I tell you power virtuoso (D/S-GS) is in good position at the moment. Power Chronomancer (S/S-GS) is good after buffing GS skills but pchrono still needs small adjustment. The top pchrono spec over the years I mean S/S-S/F version is dead by the way. 


I saw reaper is getting buff but I'm not sure it is enough to be viable. It is shame the only power class of necro is far from viable. 

For bladesworn, it is quite well, devs shoulds buff it or nerf it. Just bladesworn needs nerf in PvP because it is undead, I mean too op. 

Power daredevil and deadeye are getting buff also, I'm not sure they will be good as expected. 

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