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PvP Gatekeepers


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If you're new to a specific group content, tell the rest of the group that you're new and mistakes you make will be forgiven.  Otherwise the team will expect that you know what you're doing and serious mistakes will be seen as trolling or something similarly bad.

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On 8/21/2022 at 4:35 PM, Azure The Heartless.3261 said:


Couple things:


Welcome, try out pve and wvw also. Its more chill there, pvp is full of people who whine about things while not being shining examples of what they expect themselves. 


We cant make the trash attitude players not have trash attitudes, but we can attest that there are chill players out there, and they're more numerous than the trash talkers. Some of them even run active guilds.


You had two good matches before the last one, try to focus on that,  and playing as a group. 

I have a question, there is an actual pvp conquest guild or something? Like people that may like to do group conquest or pvp in general (Maybe that also want to teach because I can surely use some help, but also want some peeps to play with!)

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There are long standing problems with a section of the GW2 sPvP community. Players who can't stand losing, getting verbally aggressive when a team mate does not perform as they expect or like. Players who don't seem to realize that the ranking and matchmaking system will make them win/lose 50% of the time no matter what their skill level is.

It says nothing about you and all about them.


What people say to you is always about them, not about you.


Everyone is more than welcome to play. Even if you are new, clueless and don't know what you're doing. The game has ranks and leagues for this. Give it some time, around 20 matches and the game has an idea of what your skill level is at the moment. If you're new and exploring, it's probably bronze and that's fine. You play with the newbies, get your rewards as any other and perhaps you lean in the process. Then you will be in silver, or gold. The matchmaking system will take care of this. There will be terrible unbalanced matches but in the long run everything will even out.


So if players behave bad in chat or game, block them, take the loss and move on to the next match.

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While blocking and moving on is probably best, I’ve had some good experiences engaging with people.

In response to “you’re all terrible” from a teammate, I’ve replied “I am really bad, any tips?” Sometimes it has lead to good discussions, and a complete flip of attitude. If not, it’ll typically stop the ranting.


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