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Action camera issues

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Hello, i like play with action camera, but sometimes movement skills ignore my target and my character just flying through enemy and miss. Change target and retargeting same target dont helps with that. Maybe has any solution? Maybe something in options can help with it? And how to use aoe sklills with circle under my character with action camera on? Share your tips or config please.

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1st question: make sure that your target didn't remove target (yes this does happen) also some abilities don't move based on target but which at you are facing (ae: mesmer staff 2 (phase retreat)) regardless of flavor text


2nd question no not that I know of


3rd question: if you can, I would suggest placing the effect and then using a movement skill to get into it(you could always just walk) this also helps with strafing


Mind you I don't play with action camera but it works with other 1st person games

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