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"Weaver's Prowess" Trait broken?

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Unless I'm being really silly and not factoring something in the "Weaver's Prowess" trait is supposed to give +10% condition damage and +20% condition duration. Even after considering rounding discrepancies within the skill descriptions, the numbers still don't tie up. 


For the character I use for example the main sword attack's final swing at rest is 1,713 damage over 5.75 seconds which is DPS of 297. After switching attunements, and then back again to the same skill when "Weaver Prowess" is active it changes to 1,947 over 6.75 seconds which is DPS of 288, and so is in fact worse than before? The duration increase doesn't seem right on numerous other skills also. I've made sure that by switching attunements no other traits or equipment bonuses have any effect so as to skew the numbers. I would expect the description numbers to change to, approximately, 2,211 over 6.75 (just leaving duration as is for now, but on other skills it doesn't tie up even after considering rounding differences). 


Can other Weaver's possibly have a look at this and try it out themselves to verify?

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