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Does Miniature movement vary?


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Hey there.


Didn't know if this fits better anywhere else, so here it goes.
Was wondering if all Miniatures have the same movement speed when they follow behind you?

Are some faster than others, better at keeping up with you? Maybe some less likely to get stuck on terrain?


(Asking cause.. on Specter, one of the very few options to get self swiftness is by using Siphon on an enemy to activate the 'Thrill of the Crime' trait that gives swiftness. This doesn't work when targetting an ally, but funnily it treats the miniature like an enemy target. But .. waiting around for the minion to catch up kinda defeats the purpose of getting swiftness. Thus the question ^^)

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From casual observation while playing they're all the same. They definitely all use the same paths - flying or hovering minis will go around obstacles just like land based ones.

I just did a very informal test in Rata Sum, running between the doorways between the bank, TP and guild bank, using the light pillars on the floor to make sure I started and stopped in the right place and roughly timing how long it took from when I started to when my mini caught up and I don't think there is a difference, if there is it's less than a second and more to do with where they stop (which isn't specific to the mini) than how they move. I mainly used the mini roller beetle and springer (on the basis that a real roller beetle is much faster, horizontally, than a springer) and they were both doing it in about the same time (around 7 seconds according to my very rough timer) and all the other minis I tried - a mix of big and small ones, flying/hovering ones and land-based - were the same.

The mini ravens appear to take longer to stop, because they have a long landing animation, but they get into position at the same speed as other minis, they only start the animation once they've stopped moving.

Since Siphon is a targeted skill I'd say the more important consideration is probably choosing a big or obvious mini that's easy to find. I would not want to try to target the Ascalonian Quail in a hurry.

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