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Unable To See Thief's Preparations (Only Visual Issue I have)

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When placing a Preparation, who's animations and visuals were implemented nicely a while back, I don't see any sigil on the ground and when I set them off, there's absolutely no visual when set off, it just damages enemies.


Is this visual glitch something that can be fixed in some other way?
It's literally the only skill from any class that has no visual for me and as far as I remember I used to see it.


What could be going on?

I had another Thief do it in front of me just now and I can't see the visuals even when they do it.


I have everything maxed, running a high-end system, everything else in-game looks correct from every other class and skill and I run almost every spec, literally. Running recent drivers on system etc. Everything else shows fine.


I have DX9 ticked which has been that way for as long as I remember.

Thanks in advance.

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