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Am curious about state of thief.

Thief poll go.  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Which version of thief do you like the most?

    • 10khp, but vanishes every 3 seconds, vomits blind and weakness
    • More visible, but tanky, can contest points
    • Can't contest points but can pressure you from across the map and reveals don't work
    • I hate all of them equally/every iteration is unfair

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My vote is with the tankier, more visible option.


The other two(blindspam and deadeye) I consider pillar builds.

What is a pillar build? It is a build where the first move and the ultimate counterplay should always be to stand behind a pillar of some sorts and break LoS until the thief becomes less or more violent; at which point either the conflict ends, or the real game begins.


PSA: Every conquest map(including the FFA arena in the lobby) has pillars of safety. Be safe out there people.

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I would just vote for something like s/d thief. Or just a d/p Version that does not create omega blind Spam or perma stealth. But also daredevil is not nice since this one is 100% perma dodge spam with movement speed sooooo idk. Maybe i would prefer something like the old core d/p ...... it was dealing decent dmg get some Port options and need to be played well .... once you get Catched by hard cc and get no Port left your just death...  that was a frcking good time 😀

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