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Introducing Boonbreaker


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Hello fellow warrior friends! With the new balance update as of Aug 23rd 2022, I came up with a support Spellbreaker build that has been pretty fun before the patch and will be even better post patch! The idea of this build is to provide almost every boon in the game with many of them being permanent. There are only three boons that we don't access to. Those are; alacrity, resolution and protection. The reason I went with Spellbreaker for this is because with the new changes to Magebane Thether and main hand dagger auto attack, we pulse might to allies and because Spellbreaker is sick 😉 I don't believe this build will be "top tier" or uber competitive for CM's and such as I imagine providing less boons but more dps is more desirable but I think it's a fun RP and flavor spec while also providing a lot of useful buffs to your party. Besides some CM's this build should be absolutely viable for instanced PvE.

The setup is dagger/warhorn and then axe/axe with tactics, discipline and spellbreaker.

In tactics we take Roaring Reville for more boons, Empower Allies for more might and Martial Cadence for extra quickness.

For tactics we have Warrior's Sprint for the extra damage and movement speed, Doubled Standards for the quickness and stronger pulsing boons on banners and Axe Mastery for the extra ferocity, adrenaline on crits and CD on axe skills.

Spellbreaker we take Pure Strike for the increased crit damage, Sun and Moon Style for more damage (you can also take Loss Aversion) and Magebane Tether. 

With this and around 45-55% boon duration we have 25 stacks of might, perma fury, resistance, quickness, swiftness and vigor. We also have some superspeed, somewhat flexible stability application and barrier. And that's just with Banner of Tactics. Adding Banner of Defense we get some regen (which will get overwritten I believe) more barrier and on demand aegis. We can also swap one axe or a dagger for mace if we need more CC. We also have one (kind of two) free utility slots as we only need banner of tactics for quickness. I like taking "Shake it off" for the condi cleanse and stun break however. I'll post a link to it below.

That's the build! I think I covered everything but curious as to people's thoughts. If you're looking for a "boon" warrior build I think this is it or at least a strong start for it 🙂 

Build Link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKAFgE25TZCMM2HWJm+WWveA-zRRYbRPtGDcIqmLjIqg0TBPHAA-e

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Looks fun, might try it tonight.


Still wish they would remove quickness from banners (it can stay in tactics) and add it to meditations.

Don't let quickness water down all our builds. Give Spellbreaker a distinct role, it even fits the identity reasonably well. +the changes to Guard Counter Lan just mentioned and we're golden.

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