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Is it me or the +15% damage buff on Tempest doesn't works?


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With the same exact build I was doing 24k on the aerodrome golem before patch.
After patch and with a 7% more buff on Trascendent Tempest trait I am doing now 23k. Using the same exact build, same exact skills, same exact rotation that I've been using for months. 

Can it be the change didn't make it live or it is bugged?

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  • Elrey.5472 changed the title to Is it me or the +15% damage buff on Tempest doesn't works?

I've just run a quick test on the golem with minimal traits to eliminate extraneous effects.  I used water overload to prevent things like vulnerability etc from distorting matters and attacked with "Ice Shards" (Sceptre auto in water - a nice number of attacks)

Looking only at non-crits with the setup I had, the highest I got per "strike" from Ice shards was 175 whereas the highest I got with Transcendent Tempest was 202 (about a 15% increase), suggesting that the trait does at least work correctly in the test area with that auto attack.

I got similar results with Stone Shards and Earth overload - 141 compared to 123

However, the trait description does mention 15% extra damage for 15 seconds.  Looking at the patch notes, they mention increasing the damage to +15%, but make no mention of increasing the duration.  Thus, I suspect that the bug in that regard is that the description should probably read +15% damage for 7 seconds.

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