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Can we have an alternative to Twitch to get some of the drop items?

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I'd like to get the glowing purple mask, but it has only ever been a Twitch reward, and I won't ever have a Twitch account.


I really dislike the notion of non-game-related exclusive content. There should always be another route (preferably a game-related avenue) for those who cannot or do not want to be associated with organizations outside of the game or development company.


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I am not sure that I agree that a game streaming service engaged in streaming and promoting this game is not game related.

Still, sure I would prefer to get my cosmetics by playing the game rather than watching someone else play too.

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The glowing purple mask has been available before (for people who subscribed to the newsletter before April 2019) so it will probably be available another way in future, but there's no way to know when or what that will be. Probably another promotion of some sort.

The mini baby mount container was available in black lion chests and all the minis are on the TP or available for black lion statuettes, heroic boosters, revive orbs, transmutation charged and total makeover kits are in the gem store and often given away free in-game. I'm not sure which outfits are included in the classic outfit selection but the word classic in the name makes me think it's older ones that are available another way too.

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