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Buying Decade's Reach Skin doesnt unlock next armor piece

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I have the same issue.  Purchased the first piece on my thief.  It unlocked all 3 armor weights and did not unlock the next piece.  I made sure that after I noticed the problem to use the skin on an armor piece and still no unlock of the next piece.


Update:  I see that the second piece did unlock.  From what I see the first piece (gloves) disappears from the options and unlocks the next tier. It happens so quickly that you don't notice the change and the menu looks the same. I assume this is to keep people from purchasing the same tier again and stopping customer support issues.  

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Woop woop, yea I noticed the change of vendor, thats really odd. Exactly what Bunter said,  the vendor removes the item from its selling list completely and it all shifts to account for it. It's by far the most confusing thing.

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Just noticed xD
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