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Can "Slow Death Sentence" type mechanics be removed or reworked from open world bosses?

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There are two instances in EoD I've encountered so far where World bosses have mechanics that will *guarantee* a slow and inevitable death if you don't get help and they are by far some of the most infuriating things to experience in the game


  1. Swallowed by Leviathan with 1-2 people: The fact that you can't immediately target the uvula to immediately try to escape is just dumb. There's no practical way to kill the weak points and then the uvula in time and by the time the Leviathan does the swallow attack again, it's too late for anyone to help. Just let people who get swallowed attempt to escape by attacking the uvula right away.
  2. Whirlpool in the final map boss: This is hands down the worst mechanic I have ever experienced in any game. You're randomly targeted to be trapped by a whirlpool with an insanely huge defiance bar and you have to rely on someone else to break out. Your only action while trapped is also ironically a trap, either people are going to free you right away, or they're not going to bother because it takes far too much time and resources to try to break maybe 5 different people out individually in which case your best bet is to drown as fast as you can so you can respawn instead of prolonging the time you're uselessly flailing about. Literally the other trapping mechanic, the bubble, is designed somewhat better because you can eventually punch your way out of the bubble by yourself, but it's simply more efficient for people to use their attacks to break you free (I say somewhat because the bubbles float out of melee range.) In this case, it is never futile or counterproductive to try to free yourself. Sure people can prevent the mechanic from occurring by trying to kill the tail the instant it spawns, but that doesn't change how stupid the mechanic is to experience. Similar to the bubble mechanic, it should never be counterproductive to try to survive, so instead of hitting 1 to not drown, the mechanic should be reworked to be one of those pattern games where hitting the right button will damage your whirlpool's defiance and if you're good enough at this game, you'll be able to free yourself with maybe 20% health left.
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