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How's staff DD now? (PvE)


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I'm a happy DD now thanks to the patch.  I bought the game at release, but only played a little here & there until a few months ago.  The DD spec caught my interest.   I'm very casual, so I do just solo open world and I'm running in exotic gear.  I tried a bunch of specs and nothing worked.  I couldn't even do open world veteran mobs: just got ROFLstomped.   I switched over to a necro Scourge and had no trouble.  Fortunately, I like necromancer as well, so I picked up Harb & Reaper specs.  Also had no trouble with those.  I came back to DD periodically to see if learning to play the game a bit better helped, but it didn't.

Until now.  With the patch, I was able to try a couple specs and quickly settle on one that is working very well for me, and it's not anything I hadn't tried before.  Still not quite as well as necro, but enough that it's a lot of fun.  I can't say if DD is good for WvW, raiding, etc., but it sure as heck works a TON better than it did.

Current build for reference:

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I'll be testing out my extant daredevil this afternoon.  Preliminary testing on forged (very high armor) didn't seem particularly impressive, but Punishing Strikes was hitting an upwards of 6.5k to 7.5k on a few other mobs around Amnoon, which is a very health jump from the ~4.3k it was hitting before.

Build, for reference:  http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PaQAYlRwwYXMNGJW2T2taA-zRhYBJqPwtguEjCECciEcIchA7TC0yCQNDA-e

Update:  Alright, so ... took my daredevil around the Desert Highlands and a few other zones, and I'm no longer quite sure where I was getting that high a number off Punishing Strikes.  Even whacking low-armor spiders only topped out around 5.8k to 6k, but the general damage of the preceding attacks definitely got buffed.  Seems I can pull about 8k total off the auto-attack sequence against most mobs, which isn't half bad.

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Heres a build I use for my Daredevil for OW: 

Trickery: 3-2-1

Critical Strikes: 2-2-3

Daredevil: 1-1-3

Heal: Signet of Malice

Utility: 1. Signet of Agility 2. Roll for Initiative 3. Haste 

Elite: Daggerstorm

Weapons: Staff/Staff

Gear: Full Assassin

Rune: Daredevil

Sigils: Stamina and Energy. 

How to use: 

Start by engaging with Bound Dodge. 

Then Vault into the enemy.

Repeat. Until your out of initiative. 

Swipe. Then swap weapons. 

Auto attack until you kill. 

Your kills will trigger a couple of things: Heal and Endurance signet. then your sigils will fill up your endurance to the max. 

Swapping weapons will give you initiative and energy so you can keep making sure you can do the dodge-to-vault  combo. 

Runs of Daredevil will make sure your attack after a dodge will be a crit. 

Critical Strikes Grandmaster 3 will keep you healed. 

Daggerstorm is your panic button if you need to heal back to full health. 





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On 8/28/2022 at 8:00 AM, Bunny.9834 said:

Rune: Daredevil

Why rune of Daredevil? It's Power/Toughness + crit after dodge. You're already crit-capped (94% without fury), so this sixth bonus is useless.

My Dragon/Berserker Daredevil with Fireworks Runes (I'm addicted from movement speed bonuses) seems to have more power, slighty more ferocity and it's already crit-capped with perma fury. And it can't die.

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Crit 3,2,3

Trick 3,2,2

Dd 1,2,3

If I remember correctly havoc was a slight net gain in dps over staff master even while using staff. Use withdrawal, roll for ini and signet of agility and u have dodges,ini and cleanses for days while having good dps and sustain.

Marauder and scholars.

Thats what I run and seems almost impossible to die if paying attention lol.

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