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Request: add dev reaction button to forum threads

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I hope I am posting this in the right subforum.

It is unrealistic to ask that a developer respond to every suggestion thread on the forums. However, not getting a response fosters the feeling that no one from Anet is reading them. One of the biggest complaints in the WvW subforum is that no one reads the suggestions or feedback.

Would it be possible to implement a reaction button that devs could use to add a small red sticker onto a post when they’ve read it and made note of it? This way they would not need to take the time to write a response, which is more time-consuming, but the community could clearly tell that the post was read by a developer. It is easy enough to click a button next to a post, right?

Of course the downside would be that if developers did not read the forum, this would quickly become apparent as well. But that should not be an issue, because they do read the posts. Right?

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