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Decade of the Dragons achievement


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On 9/12/2022 at 8:35 PM, Sir Alymer.3406 said:

11 pages complaining about PvP.

Here's my experience in unranked.

4 wins; 3 of which were close game, one was a stomp.
6 losses; 4 of which were close games; 1 was a stomp, 1  was where a person afk'd.

Salt acquired: 0 (Unless you count the afk person as salt, then it's just 1)

All in all, it's not nearly as bad as everyone thinks it will be, especially now since people are going for the cape so t here will definitely be people worse than you queued for pvp.

I wish I had this luck. 3 wins (1 close, and that game was actually the worst for toxicity), 7 losses (none close). Pretty much had me convinced PvP was a dumpster fire and not worth my time.

The one thing I did learn from this thread, though, is that unranked was paradoxically a mistake and I should have picked ranked instead. (Edit: Never mind, I can't, I'm not rank 20 yet. So... yeah.)

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