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Adventure Guide should be hidden after completion

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I absolutely detest the new Character Adventure Guide and how spammy it is.  I was so frustrated yesterday with them I actually logged off.  Furthermore, they removed the old Tutorial (Mastery) achievements so that is another 150 AP gone from the grand AP pool.   I just don't see why they couldn't have both the Character Achievement Guide and the collection up at the same time. It's a dumb decision to remove the tutorial collection with AP imo.

I think if they remove the achievements, they should remove the AP with it so there's no controversy like this. It further widen the AP gap and I feel that no matter what I do, I'll never catch up to those at 40k+ because I never even played when Monthly/Weekly AP was a thing. I value AP but with this inconsistent system, high AP simply means you've played longer and/or played at the right time.  In my experience, people with really high AP tends to not understand some basic concepts of the game.

Anet - please quit doing silly things like this and actually design a mentor system.  Add the old Tutorial achievements back and stop alienating people like me who has FOMO (fear of missing out).

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while i agree with you to a degree the ammount of ap lost isnt that much, especially with the returning ls1 achievements. i stopped playing for 6 years about a week after ls2 started coming out. currently im at over 42.5k AP with over 3k AP i can still get. its like the wvw tournaments that were held, you could only get the AP if you did the achievements while it was on, those people shouldnt miss out on rewards just because i didnt finish them, think of it as a reward for playing longer.

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