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Will 'Heroic Edition' ever be available or redeemable through Steam?


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It's very unlikely, I don't think Anet have sold the heroic edition for years, it's only been available for some give-aways and competitions. Some 3rd party sites still have it, but they're usually selling codes from free give-aways and that carries all the same risks as buying from any unauthorised online marketplace. (As in they may be selling codes which are fake, stolen or have already been used, they may not give you a code at all, they may be massively overcharging or misrepresenting what they're selling etc. or they may be completely honest...it depends on the site and the seller.)

More importantly though when it was sold it cost the same as HoT + PoF does now, but only included the base game and a few bonus items. If you wanted it you'd be better off getting the HoT + PoF bundle and then using gems or gold to buy the legacy armour, 18 slot bag and heroic boosters if you wanted them.

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Personally I expect ANet doing Steam focused promotions in the future that might include the Heroic Edition. Since those promos can be structured in a way that codes don't end up on key-reseller websites, it might be a way to do them without generating more cheap/free accounts for the log-in farming crowd. Especially since the steam version of GW2 isn't yet supported by the external launcher tools for multi-boxers/-accounters.

57 minutes ago, Danikat.8537 said:

using gems or gold to buy the legacy armour, 18 slot bag and heroic boosters

The bags can just be bought on the TP. They ones from the HC edition are nothing special just an account-bound version of the mithril box.

The legacy armor skins are also available for black lion statuettes at the moment. However you only get the skins and not the exotic level 1 gear which is actually quite useful for weekly key-farming.

The heroic boosters are usually best bought with statuettes anyway.

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