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(NA) Returning Player looking for guild


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Just came back to the game after 8 years. Basically learning how to play all over again. I'm looking for a guild that welcomes players like me. Looking to learn and explore and have fun in this game again. I'm currently on the world Eredon Terrace if that matters.

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World doesn't matter (except for WvW), how long you've played doesn't matter, Class doesn't matter, Race doesn't matter, who (or what) you're dating doesn't  matter.......
Being on NA matters.  Not being a *insert world for challenging personality*  matters.....

Here's our blurb, jump on in if we sound like your kinda thing.....

[NA] [18+] Shrieking Quokkas has been around for almost a year and thankfully we don't have any long term cliques and so far no overinflated egos. We don't have any big joining requirements, no forms to fill out or interviews to sit, just jump into Discord and have a chat, see what you think of us and let us know you want an invite. Any of our members can send guild invites so you don't have to wait for the obligatory 'officer' to be online.

Guild activity is similar, it's best to get to know people first but once you are known it's not hard to have others jump on something you want to run. There's a decent mix of interests in game we're running Fractals and weekly dungeon runs with a Strike team currently building. Anything you want to do just give a shout and people are likely to jump onboard for the fun of it, we're very easy going and more than happy to tag along on what you're doing in order to procrastinate on what we should be (coughskyscalecough).
Timezones are split between SEA and US times, most of the Discord voice activity seems to be US evening/Aussie Daytime though SEA evenings are expanding which is good given the founders are in Oz.

It's not mandatory but we'd like to see voice chat get busier because it's a great space to toss ideas about. We don't insist on repping either, it's your choice, though it's nice when people do, then we can drop in and say hi to the yellow dots on the map. We'll help you if you ask and like to brainstorm ideas but we don't mind if you take or leave our advice, you'll likely get 3 different opinions anyway and it's always interesting to see what works for each person.
Besides, everyone plays the game their own way, we even have a few insane people who like to PvP

As for why Quokkas...... well drop into the Discord and we'll tell you.

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