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Possible Character Adventure Guide bugs

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I have played on several characters, to test many of the things below, and they seem to be confirmed (in my self-testing):

  1. No issues found with Volume 1. I have completed it on 3 different characters, crafters and non-crafters.
  2. Volume 2 has 2 issues IMHO:
    1. Characters who have leveled to 500 in crafting disciplines, don't get automatic credit for "Selecting Crafting Disciplines" in Volume 2, but they do get automatic credit for "Crafting Items" and "Earning Crafting Levels 1". I suggest for your consideration that this is a bug that you should fix. I have not advanced any crafting characters to Volume 3 yet.
    2. It feels awkward that a character who has not already taken any crafting disciplines, needs to select one in order to complete Volume 2. I, for example, have maxxed all crafting disciplines on my account already, and have no desire to "double up" any of them. Why do I need to do this to complete Volume 2?
  3. No issues found with non-crafting characters in Volume 3.
  4. Volume 4 has a few issues I think might need to be raised:
    1. "Transmuting Skins" seems to not work at all. I have collected, for example, 5 of the Decade Armor skins, and transmuted 5 different armor pieces with Volume 4 active, and no credit. If it matters, every single gear slot (except UW breather) on this account is fully legendary.
    2. "Using Combo Skills" might be bugged, or maybe I have been playing with dummies for the past 2-6 hours, who have no clue how to use their combo field skills. I have tried in many fights, and I get no  credit. However, there is still a chance this is due to clueless people not also using their skills. You might want to test this further.

No other observations yet, except an opinion that some of these feel frustratingly repetitive. Most are fun though.  One example of a frustrating one is: Volume 3 Enemy Factoins (i.e. Flame Legion) followed by Volume 4 Defeating the Flame Legion. Not the most fun in my humble opinion.

More observations as I find them, but this is all I have for now.

Kind regards,


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In volume 5 I have to add: The killing veterans in Orr seems account-wide and completed. For every other char I noticed: Green background while still showing the locked icon. I did it normally on my main char. (So it is not an automated check - those only happen once the volume is unlocked where certain stuff is automatically set to complete. The vistas and renown hearts and stuff.)

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Vol 2 Using Utilities.

On my warrior, my utilities were all skills that apply buffs and boons to me rather than doing dmg to foes.
To the Limit!/For Great Justice!/Signet of Might/Signet of Fury/Signet of Rage. I spent more than half an hour trying to advance the deed using those skills with no progress made.

I could not advance the deed to Use Utilities until I swapped in utilities that did actual strike damage to foes. That obviously means that they all needed to be used in combat.

Those two unidentified limits should be in the instructions or the utilities that advance the deed should be broadened beyond strike damage skills.

When I did make progress on the first use of a damaging utility, the pop up told me that I had completed the deed when in fact I had only advanced it one use.

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