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GW2 Sales/Revenue/Earnings Q2-2022


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I have added the GW2 Q2-2022 sales numbers to my quarterly annotated sales overview since launch of the game. As usual the image is hosted as a Discord-URL:

The sales/revenue of GW2 in Q2-2022 was 27125 KRW. This is a noticable increase from 20271 KRW in Q1-2022 and it is the highest quarterly revenue since Q4-2017 (34902 KRW) when season 4 started (which was the quarter after the PoF release).

So, the revenue from EoD may not be higher than the revenue of PoF (or even HoT) but the revenue of Q2-2022 is better than all other quarters since after Q4-2017 and especially a lot better than the time of the IBS (Season 5, Ice Brood Saga).

Last quarter I wrote that  the Q2-sales numbers will be a big sign if EoD was (financially) a failure or a success. Well, from the actual Q2-2022 sales number it is pretty clear that it is not a failure.

The next quarter (Q3-2022) sales numbers will be interesting again with the steam release happening now.

P.S. As always, I took the numbers from the official NCsoft reports at https://kr.ncsoft.com/en/ir/irArchive/earningsRelease.do

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