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My Mad Realm Raptor is a strange translucent pink colour

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3 hours ago, UltraZippy.2890 said:

As the title says, I think this is since the directx update to the game.  All of my other mounts are the right colour just the Mad Realm Raptor.

Did you manually reset the dyes after switching to the skin? If you have "Show Default Dyes" enabled in the mount panel, you won't see how your mount actually will look like with the dyes from the previously used skin.

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18 hours ago, TheWaternymphHC.1847 said:

Try to using the little eraser symbol ("Remove Dye") in the dye section on the channels of the mount manually and re-apply the dyes of your choice. If I switch from an Exo-suit mount to a Mad King mount, they look similar to your pic. 


Ok that was simple, I didn;t even know you could dye a mount, thank you for your help 🙂

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