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How about a living world sale for the new and returning people? :P

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53 minutes ago, Parasite.5389 said:

Living story is always on sale

the living story complete packs are 20% cheaper than buying the episodes individually

that's just not the same... they put the complete packs on sale periodically as well. like it was 30% off last april. the year before that. and even the anniversary of 2020.. 
you'd think that a big anniversary like a 10 year one would have sales like that... 

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6 hours ago, RadiantWolf.2058 said:

They should just do a mass sale  Some steep sales, some less so.


Nearly every other MMORPG does this for anniversaries, even fellow non-sub game ESO. ESO puts the crowns, their store currency, on sale. We could do that with gems.

Yeah. ESO, SWTOR, hell even DDO they have amazing sales and giveaways during anniversary. 
and for a 10 year gw2 anniversary... those parts felt a little lacking. 

hell DDO gave away ALL their questpacks for free for a whole year because of their 20th anniversary. that was just crazy. would normally cost multiple hundreds of euros. 

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Lets see what happens next. The twitch drops promotion is running out now.

amazon prime got 3 more promotions hidden, so there might be something good.

anet announced that non steam accounts will get the possibility to buy some complete collection at a later date.

after they gave away the heroic edition for free and path of fire for half price it would make sense to do something for the season as well.

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10 hours ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Well, ArenaNet gave away all Living World Episodes/Seasons for no cost just this past year+. 


Only people who were already actively playing at that time got those episodes for free. People like myself who play on and off missed it. And new players ofcourse never got the chance.

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