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Powerful Aura trait only share 4 seconds of auras instead of 10

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With last balance patch, two Elementalist weapon skills, Frost Aura (dagger 4 in Water) and Shocking Aura (dagger 3 in Air), have seen the duration of the aura they grant extended from 4 seconds to 10 seconds. However when the trait Powerful Aura is selected in the Water traitline, auras granted to allies when using these two skills only last for 4 seconds.

It is unclear whether this is intended or if this is an oversight. Some clarification about how this trait is supposed to behave would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Well it's definitly intended , never anet gonna let a class have a 100% uptime on an unique buffs who reduce all damage player receive in your sub . Or a thing that stun every 2secs when struck. But you are right they should add some "text" to tooltip of powerful aura , like "max duration of each aura shared : x secondes".

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