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Proof of legends and utility food or banner.

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I understand why the decision was taken to not make these permanent. It would have been to nice to be true. But here is a sollution.


Why do you not make the new achivements repetable? Lets say a weekly cooldown. This would have a lot of benefits on the game. It was so nice seeing older maps populated with ppl doing events. So every week you would be able to buy 20 of them with the proofs and ppl would have an incentive to do a map like dragon's stand from time to time. 


There was a time when this game even had montly achivements. I do not see why a weekly reset on this would not be possible.


And fix the character achivement already pls. It asks to learn a new discipline but I already have all disciplines maxed out and I am defenetly not going to learn a 3'rd one on each character and waste money swapping in and out an existing one. Make it count the ones that you already have.


Good work otherwise lately and happy with how steam launch turned out. Very positive! Woohoo.

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