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Admittedly new to gw2 pvp but pvp'ed in other games, probably haven't played every gw2 map yet but of the 14 or 15 matches I've done, they all seemed "identical" with 1 exception (needed to kill the other team's lord). 

  • 5 v 5 with infinite lives,
  • 3 or 4 capture points
  • sometimes with an additional mechanic
  • first team to 500 points wins.


It started to feel stale.


It would be great to see things with win conditions not involving points and for different group sizes.  Some examples,

  • Bar room brawls.  Big room packed with players (10+).  Everyman for himself, limited number of lives, last one standing wins. Could include special weapons like chairs (to stun) and glass bottles (to cause bleeds).
  • Arena death matches.  Small team duels (3v3, 2v2), 1 life, the team with the last one standing wins.  Small maps would be featured with maybe a few columns etc... to LoS.
  • Capture the flag for large groups (10-15 team sizes).  Both teams try to get into the other's base, take his flag and carry it back to their own base.  First to do it wins. All while both teams are murdering each other.  The flag carrier could pass the flag to a teammate but if they die the flag goes back to it's starting point.
  • Castle defend for large groups which would be kind of like wvw Tower attacks. Each team takes turn defending a castle and it's Lord and the other attacking. The team that has the fastest time to kill the castle lord wins.  Throw in supplies, siege engines, and a few defender disadvantages or attacker advantages and there you go.
  • Just extend the current capture points+500 pt win condition matches from 2 teams to 3 or 4 teams fighting 
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We all agree that there should be more content in pvp.

But judging from these statements, it sounds like you need to get more acquainted with what's going on in GW2 pvp beyond 15 games played, consdiering:

  1. There are only ever 3 nodes to capture. Three maps, Skyhammer, Capricorn, and Djinn, have their special objectives in the match designed where every once in awhile a 4th node will appear where if you cap it, it triggers the special objectives. But each map only has 3 actual nodes.
  2. Every map has a special objective mechanic, all of them.
  3. There are already different types of match types that do not revolve around nodes, Courtyard Death Match, Stronghold, 2v2 Arenas, 3v3 Arenas.
  4. You can already set match types in custom arenas to be 1v1s or up to 10v10s.
  5. "Bar Room Brawls" there is no game type for this, but this is essentially the FFA.
  6. "3v3s or 2v2s with only 1 life" this match type is already in rotation for queues during mini-seasons.
  7. "Capture The Flag" isn't going to work in GW2. If you knew the game well and stopped to think about how this would actually pan out with GW2 class/build structures, it's not going to work or have any good feel to it at all. It would be something reminiscent of Spirit Watch orb running, which we all know how that feels.
  8. "Castle Defend Mode" this is quite exactly what Stronghold is.

We already have 90% of what you're mentioning.

The real problem is that it's all divided into different queues so what ends up happening is that everyone just plays the more popular game mode "Conquest" which is the 5v5 3 node hold, and they ignore the other modes.

It's debatable that the answer to this, so that we have reason to play other modes, would be to throw those other modes into the map roulette selection for general unranked/ranked queues. They would actually see play that way.

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It started to feel stale after 15 games? I dunno I just can’t take this post seriously.

For me though the current game mode and the maps have been adequate for thousands of games, the actual content and mechanical interaction with players is what’s truly important, and to be fair, nodes do serve their purpose in facilitating strategy to the match.

For me it’s like chess - you could argue it’s stale and always the same map and structure, but the reality is it’s good every time because each game goes differently and was designed optimally in this way for strategy.

Although, elite specs and skill homogenising has harmed that original balance, mostly in the form of mobility creep.

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Hello new to pvp player! Do you know Durian?  stinky, gross piece of fruit.  It's not for everyone, just like GW2 sPVP, but the people who enjoy it will tell you all the different reasons you're wrong, and why it's amazing and you just don't get it.

There's just so many pvp games available that are much easier to get into,  simpler, more intuitive core concept and mechanics that you can immediately enjoy solo or with friends, and/or games that are just as hardcore, just as mental, but let you make a good living off of being good at.  Arenanet could make a choice to make big changes, or keep sPVP the niche that it is now.

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