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What melee weapons are you using on your deadeye?


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Dagger/Pistol is by far the strongest power thief melee set imo. The full-Malice sneak attacks are pretty beefy, which is clutch against enemies who spam projectile reflects or just happen to consistently dodge your Death's Judgement. The autos are super fast, Shadow Shot and Heartseeker have good damage and don't limit your mobility.


I like Sword #2 a lot as well but Pistol Whip feels like another Three-Round Burst and the Sword sneak attack is nothing to write home about. Also Sword/Pistol means you won't have any stealth on your second weapon set.

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I tended to use sword, on the basis that sword offers things that rifle deadeye is normally bad at - cleave for multiple targets, and evade frames from the sword/pistol dual skill. I think the balance may have shifted more in dagger's favour since then, but I think it's still fair to say that it depends on what you want. Dagger doubles down on single-target offense, sword gives you more defence and cleave.

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