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Sibaha event is not spawning at the Mount Maelstrom location. (Solved)

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I've tried a hand full of different "Worlds" and the results are the same. Mount Maelstrom location is bugged and not spawning. I'm stuck. Yes, I've done the preceding event. See snapshots. Also, yes, this is a continuation of my previous report on this, but it was closed, apparently because ya'll were annoyed over my snapshots not being visible. These are.

Here is a shot over the platform. No cages.

Achievement Panel progress


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I did try immediately after the minor update. No go. As for talking to Aaminah, I've done that three times. I'll try it again, in case there was a glitch in THAT. And as for that one not being checked off; you have to talk to Aaminah twice. Once in Orr and then this location in Mount Maelstrom. I need to release her from a cage in Maelstrom and the cages (and Aaminah) are not spawning.

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Apparently, the breakdown occurred in Aaminah's Orr conversation. It did not work. They added a spot at the beginning of the event in Orr where you can talk to Aaminah BEFORE that little event starts. I grabbed that "Talk" and it fixed the sequence in Mound Maelstrom. "Parasite," you were right, and I was wrong. But, in fairness, they did provide a fix for it-- I just didn't know where to connect to it until you rattled my cage.

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