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Sugestion to reduce frustration in pvp and incetivate participation.


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Simple and radical: eliminating win-lose mechanic. How?


At the end of every macth (time is over or 500+ points are reached) instead of win-lose result for every team, the points earned are distributed. It's not the same a 498-501 lose than a 50-500 one. I think the feeling at the end of every game will be more satisfying and rewarding like the recent changes to raids. Of course if a player/s give up at the first minute resulting in a lose for less than than 150 points it will be less rewarding than the actual system thus incetivating the competitiviness. The pips and rank points can be also extrapolated this way. This system will work on all conquest games but not in stronghold or team deathmatch wich have their own system.


For the achievements it's easy to implement: just changing the wins count for 500 points. And on foward the points earned on every match are added to the total. An example: the "champion genius" from 150 wins in rated arenas to 75.000 points, or "conqueror" from 10.000 wins to 5.000.000 points.


Another point is to reduce times. I think they are too long. Maybe this changes could help:
-Match ready: 30 sec to 15.
-Map selection: 15 sec to 10.
-Waiting for players: 90 sec to 45.
-Match time: 15 min to 10. To compesate those 5 minutes, stomp deaths could count 10 points instead of 5 standar ones  and captured points counts every 1.5 seconds instead of 2. This could enfatized the capture and not only decapturing.


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