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[EU][eL][WvW] Guild looking for active members on Underworld server


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^^^Embracing Light^^^ [eL] WvW focused guild
Located on EU on Underworld server
Team oriented Guild, performance focus with a mix of open field and scrims
Setting up a Guild meeting once we gather a decent size applicants to discus our launch

-Show interest and motivation towards improvement and the guild
-Attendance on most guild raid times (real life comes first)
-Knowing your class, capable of playing public meta build

Looking for: Multiple classes to fill our roster

Future updates and focuses discord:
Join discord to apply https://discord.gg/WBjq4ed
Fill out a form  so we can get to know you

DM me on Discord if you have more questions
Tri#1504 / or in game Ukalos.3258

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