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Bug, i can't ride the grifin and the skyscale

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The first time i notice that the game does not let me fly with maunt was in the festival of the four winds, with the Grifon maunt npc ofer to you to ride, the space bar and the other butons do not worck, all i can do was gliding with the maunt, next time was in living world : Dragon fall

Were you need to ride the skyscale to take volatile magic and ride the skyscale to a place

Im stock in this part of the story, unable to continue, the space bar does not work, the maunt does not fly, all mi others maunts work perfect 

Im stuck, im veri disapoint with the game rigth now

I contact the game suport and all they said to do was get aut of the story chapter, start another chapter and restart again wich i think is not gona work bicose i have the same problem with the grifon maunt

Does someone have the same problem? 

The best maunts of all game and i can't ride them😭😭😭💩😬

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2 hours ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Check your keybinds. 

Ok, man!!! 

Thanks man

After i read your coment i decide to look mi maunt keybind and it was all rigth (c) and (v) for abilities and (x) for maunt/dismaunt 


I DECIDE TO CHEK MI CARACTER JUMP KEYBIND IT WAS IN (C) so i change it to  space bar and wen i tri again the skyscale 





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