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EU switch to NA for better meta groups?

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Applogies if this is a stupid question but do you use the LFG tool to find groups? If you do use it and you don't see a group for what you want do you try starting your own?

Those two things seem to make a huge difference in people's experience with group content in this game. Joining a good guild can also help, although I think it makes less of a difference for meta events than things like Fractals or raids because the guilds who organise metas typically advertise them publicly as well.

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1 hour ago, XenoPyax.2849 said:

Hello, I've stopped GW2 a few months back because there were very little groups for meta frms is it worth to switch to NA for better groups or does it not matter?

Prime time events will usually be busy. So try to do it then.

Also, always look in LFG for squads to join. Often you're thrown onto a new or overflow map where it has yet to be populated. These maps may not be filled since many will be looking in LFG and will join the squads listed there instead of joining your instance. In addition, low population maps create a map closing pop-up. This does not necessarily mean the map is actually closing but most players will desert that map and make it even more barren.

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The data seems to suggest that EU has slightly more players than NA, so... unless you play when in Europe is late night, I don't think it's worth. You can start to use LFG more, as other people suggested (and create your group/tag up, if you don't see anyone). I'd change region only if you play at "weird" times.

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