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WvW Underground Networks (helps overpopulated maps)

Avion Blade.4869

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In a possible future update, and after a year or so of development, WvW will introduce an underground network for each map. 


From a lore perspective, some narration such as, "these old-networks connect all the towers and hubs and keeps during a time/era where there was unification, before the guilds, before the wars, it was only recently we found them." - some Asuran miner. 


Books/Diaries can be found similar to the Warclaw ones, stating, "Our political party decided to use dynamite to block all of the tunnel entrances so that these guilds cannot use them for their own power, if they discover that the outer-walls of the keeps and towers can be easily destroyed through damaging the foundations underground just enough, the chaos would be one-hundred fold more than what it is now." - some Charr diplomat/retired politician, in a series of the history of the network.


Mechanics and purpose of content: 

For more variety in the WvW game rather than just the usual "set up siege, shoot close up or from afar off, expect resistance, disables, and stacks of players vs stacks of players"; adding an underground network to each map allows players to seek and traverse other pathways and explore other options towards contributing toward the capture or security of a tower/home keep/ and SMC. This new mechanic will allow a playstyle that doesn't easily give away your plans, but gives the opponent enough time to react.



These underground networks are a completely different map that affects the surface map. This means that it will not take up map space on the normal maps, and can also act as an, "overflow map" for players who seek to participate, and pip, and play WvW contributing to the fight! And if there is no overflow, this is another set of routes to navigate.

Example, not only will there be Eternal Battle Ground, but there will also be: Eternal BattleGrounds Network.


However, the underground content will not replace the surface content, it will impact it. What happens downstairs will affect upstairs.





After a future possible update, all home keeps (as well as the corner spawns), SMC itself, and towers will have 2-4 floor-grates (1 for a corner spawn, 2 for towers, 3 for keeps and 4 for SMC), these floor grates are only accessible by the team that owns it. Enemies cannot go up to the surface through the floor-gates if they are not on that team that owns the surface hub. Floor-gates have a glint/reflecting texture to denote accessibility, interaction for players.


Network Navigation

Imagine the dredge-mercenary spawn location on EBG, that kind of spacing and tunnels (even design features) will be all throughout these underground maps and connects every hub. However, the corner spawns only have one direct and two side tunnels connecting to the outer-wall foundations of the designated "home keep". Doing this avoids spawn-camping on the surface and allows for counterplay for any XvX whatever the number of players.


From the home-keeps you have multiple pathways (about 2 or 3), that lead toward the towers, and from the towers to the keeps, and from the keeps to the other keeps, etc. They are interconnected underground, but they do not connect to the corner-spawns. As there is an invul line on the surface for the team you are on, there is also an invul line underground when you enter from the corner spawn.



The Networks lead toward the foundations of the outer-walls of towers (towers only have one wall lining anyways), keeps/garrisons, and SMC. These foundations have the same area and spacing as their surface wall counterparts, but the difference is that these foundations are not invulnerable to player attacks. However, it will take time to destroy these foundations using player skill attacks. The time it takes to destroy these foundations is about the same time it would take for any level 80 player with exotic gear to destroy a siege golem in a 1v1. 


Restrictions: The only siege that is constructable is a Siege Golemn, nothing else. it is also easy to disable. The only supply available is from the surface. This is part of the idea that supply from upstairs is needed for action downstairs, and there will be a "resource" downstairs that helps with a "future upstairs mechanic".


When the foundation is destroyed, that specific section equivalent on the surface is destroyed, even if the surface wall section is above 0%, and, because the foundation is destroyed, the surface cannot be repaired unless the foundation section is repaired (unless a Tier upgrade resets every wall).


While that sounds easy, there is a problem. Getting to the outer-wall foundations is a challenge

There are sentries underground! At the chokepoints and intersections if an underground sentry is defeated, the opposing team is alerted on the surface, with a prompt saying, "X-Team movement detected underground". If the sentry is defeated, a patrol will spawn to check the foundations. But if the sentry is allowed to live, the mark is permanent. The mark is queued to be removed if the Sentry dies. (underground mechanics are slightly different than surface regarding mark reveals). The reason why the mark is permanent if the sentry is kept alive after spotting you is that there are so many pathways and corner covers underground to hide in, it would give teleporters an advantage, so there is an incentive to kill the sentry anyways and to balance the way underground is played out.

Capturable Points + Surprise Content:

- Mines are found underground, and generate special non-PvE ores over-time which can be harvested once an hour. Each type of ore is found there per mine. They are capturable similar to camps, and the same kind of defense found for camps, can be found for mines. (However, these mines are not the same kind of mines for crafting, these are WvW specific mines that generate ores for WvW specific ammunition. Here's the surprise!:

       - These mines and ores (there could also be jade ores for green-laser pew pew), which are content that help set up balancing using siege turtles which will require consumable cannon-ball ammunition, and the different types of cannon balls can determine the different kind of attacks or damage it can do to attack a wall or players if using ranged weaponry and artillery. Siege turtles cannot jump over walls unless the rider has an absolute maxed out skill mastery in riding a siege turtle, "unlock the ability to jump over walls".

        - Siege turtles can be disabled, but instead of disabled, to prevent jumping, the icon will say, "entangled".

        - It will take a long time for a siege turtle to achieve a jump, (5 seconds). And cannot jump again for another 60 seconds. Siege turtles jumping cannot be interrupted by CC, but can only be interrupted by a disable throw. 


Where you would find camps on the surface, the same spot underground is where you would find these mines.

Put effort to capture mines underground to get the resources to help arm siege turtles before they jump over a wall, or put effort underground to destroy a foundation section of a wall to go through it on the surface

If you can't punch through the underground defenses, you can capture the resource mines to craft ammunition for siege-turtle operations.

Thus this is that dynamic of, Supply upstairs for siege/repair downstairs, mines downstairs for destructive powers upstairs.


More Notes:

- Enemies cannot use the underground networks to access the internal sections of the surface hubs, they can only go as far as where the foundations are located. If a garrison keep is being assaulted underground, the outer foundations, if destroyed, will disappear, but the inner foundations, even if destroyed, collapse into a barrier, which retains that the only way enemies can access inner on the surface, is to go in on the surface.

- For LOS and balance, support pillars, collapsed material/wood/constructions are scattered throughout the network for cover against projectiles, but there is also enough spacing for counterplay and to avoid permanent bottlenecking.


Special Features:

- Only usable for the team whose tunnels are approaching a team-owned hub, there are two weak destructible gates that can be shut underground in tunnel sections approaching sapping areas. They are designed to give the team 90 seconds of time when one level 80 player is attacking the gate, and 15 seconds of time if 5 players are attacking the gate.  The second gate is twice as strong.

- Once these gates are destroyed (or if left opened), the enemy team has access to destroy the foundations of the walls. 
- Remember outer-wall foundations collapse and disappear when destroyed, but inner-wall foundations collapse and remain in place for balance.


- And yes, there are waypoints, but only at the spots where the floor-grates would place you underground; to own the waypoint, your team must own the surface hub. So if an assault fails, you'd have to start from that waypoint again, because although destroying the foundations is easier than assaulting a wall, it is a high risk, high reward, some time investment.


The underground section of a wall must be repaired first before repairing the surface section of a wall. Prompt on surface will say, "cannot repair structure, foundation is not set". The only mechanic that avoids this is a tier-upgrade resetting and upgrading the hub (tower/keep garrison/smc from T1 to T2, etc).



Imagery to demonstrate concept:



Final Note: Art was made through AI generation by Mid-Journey. Generation of art imagery is not owned by me, neither is it used for any profit. It is used to only convey a concept idea that can benefit the creativity of developers and graphic designers. This AI generation helps with quickly illustrating something that could be so.





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