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So I would like to see on the forums if anyone else is experiencing this error while I wait for my ticket to be replied. I go to launch the GW2 launcher and imediatly I get a error that it says that its unable to update. I also found out when I get that error in the GW2 game file 999 files that are 0KB appear out of nowhere. I dont know if this a problem with the game itself or something with my computer. Yes I have tried restarting my computer and trying to launch from the .exe in the folder itself I also tried deleting the 999 files then launching it and all that happens is the same error message and the files reappear in the same game file.

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When GW2 updates itself, it downloads the new version as Gw2-64.tmp. If it can't write to that file, it alternatively uses Gw2-64.### up to 999.

Ensure your anti-virus/security isn't blocking GW2 from updating.

Alternatively, you can download Gw2-64.exe direct from the patch server and manually replace your existing Gw2-64.exe. This link is only valid until the next patch:


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