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Isn't Power Shoutsworn in a xd state ?


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Right ?

Like sometimes you see some stuff / build you're like, "ahh this is a bit xd BUT with other circumstances it's actually fine" 


Where Bladesworns is realy an immaculate xd, it's not a "x trm d" like we've seen in the past (rarely tho), but it's not that far off



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4 hours ago, Master Ketsu.4569 said:

The actual design of the class and build isn't OP, the sustain is just way too high to the point where it legitimately cannot lose a 1v1 unless played full pepega. If they nerf the sustain by about 20% and fix the darn DT bug it should be fine.

There’s 4-5 bugs that need to be fixed. You could not touch sustain and just fix the bugs and it would be quite a bit less effective.

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