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Alliance Stance needs visual upgrades!


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Hi everyone. You may have noticed that everytime u switch to alliance legend, theres an explosion of red and blue colors... and then nothing more. It needs some improvements.

1. The particle effects when u switch legends are absent. This is easy to fix, just copy them from another legend and apply.

2. There is a lack of color in ability bar (its just a white smoke) that even dissapears if u switch to Saint Viktor (possible bug). Here I propose two possible changes: the simple one is replace the white smoke with red and blue flames, or (even better) make Archemorus display red flames when in use and Saint Viktor display blue flames when in use. This would make much easier to recognize which of the alliance stance legends is active.

I know maybe im asking too much, but i would be much more willingy to use the alliance stance if it actually feels like a legend.

P.S: Sorry about my english, I am not native.

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