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The decade weapon skins are really cool, BUT....

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They suffer from a problem that pops up frequently with some of gw2's skins. That problem being forced shader settings that only apply to those skins. In this case, its the permanent red light effect, as if the weapon has a spot lamp pointing up at it to cast a red light on it at all times. This makes it incredibly difficult to match with outfits/armor. I think the intention was to make it look as if the gems in the weapons were glowing, but it looks more like a directional external light source instead.


In my opinion, you should never force bizarre lighting shaders on your assets like this. If the object in question is spitting out particles and effects, that is one thing, but arbitrary lighting effects cast on a weapon from an invisible outside source will almost always end up looking odd, especially if its the only object being effected by it.

This is just my opinion. I am sure there are some who disagree.

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