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Fort Aspenwood WvW Guild


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Playing on Fort Aspenwood and want to WvW but can't Find a Guild. Same so I'll just do it myself.


Starting a New Guild Just For WvW Fort Aspenwood Server Memebers


1 Member for now and Need many many... Many more to make Aspenwood a thing.


DM me DGD.1349 about joining. If you have a commander Tag Sign-on bonus will be given

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8 minutes ago, Chaba.5410 said:

How are you not able to find a guild? Bucket is on almost every night with a public tag. And Qi is usually public during EU hours. What timezone do you play in?


/wave @ Chaba


Not on FA but teamed with them on SBI, Bucket does run a number of raids over the week if your guild endeavors do not work out.

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