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[NA][PvX] Losers Lounge [BUMS] recruiting new and veteran players.


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Losers Lounge [BUMS] has opened its membership for both veteran and new players. We are a small guild that is looking for new members who can vibe with us!
We are a small guild and our goal is to cap at around 50 people. We have previously run a large (300+) guild but it just became a place to fill numbers. So, why join a small guild? It is because you as a person will matter in that guild. You won’t just be one of the numbers in a massive pool. Your ideas and suggestions will count. You get to know everyone around you and play without being crowded.
What do/will we offer?
- Most of us are veteran players who have hours upon hours in this game. With a treasure trove of knowledge, our members always help out each other with any questions or anything else we can.
- We plan on doing all kinds of PvE and WvW content. Our goal is to teach and run fractals, raids, strikes, World vs World, and more.
- Fun and drama-free place to enjoy the game and play with like-minded people
What do we look for in members?
- Be active (We are not asking you to play every day.)
-  Contribute to guild hall upgrades
- Be willing to learn and improve in the game. We like doing many things casually, but also serious content like raids and such.
-  We require you to join our Discord. It is okay if you do not like to talk there, but we post a lot of guild information there
If you are interested, please contact MechaOG.2076 (in-game) or MechaOG#1461 (Discord).
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