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Suggestion for music instruments.

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1) It would be nice to have more. Perhaps some reed instruments. Maybe a xylophone? Glass armonica? Honky tonk piano? Dulcimer? Ocarina? Just some additional variety than a few string instruments. bells and horns.

2) It would also be nice if they made more use of keybindings. Right now they only use at max 10 slots (1->0). A full octave of notes with sharps/flats is 12. So, if one uses 1->0 and f1->f2 for notes, and f3->f5 (or more) for stuff like go up and down an octave and stop playing, etc. The instruments could be more flexible.

3) A bit more complicated, it might be nice if on instruments (that would logically be able to play multiple notes at the same time) like the lute/harp if we could customize preset chords.

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